To support you in your CSR policy..

All our CSR actions are guided by the same conduct line : to address CSR issues with the same strategic and creative requirements as any other event topic.

Our ideas in this area are ambitious, we must together make things happen and create real listening conditions on these topics. This ambition requires speaking truth, being credible.

Our partner for this activity is an association that we have been supporting for more than 10 years, Premiers de Cordée.

Through disability awareness actions for example, we create events with Premiers de Cordée that stimulate your teams and your targets, whatever they are, in perfect harmony with your CSR strategy.

You will be surprised by the unifying powers of these moments!

French Signature joins forces with Premiers de Cordée ..

Founded in 1999, Premiers de Cordée is a recognized general interest national association.

Supported by top athletes such as Kylian MBappé, Nathalie Péchalat and Thierry Omeyer, it regularly offers sports introductions for hospitalized children but also disability awareness actions to all audiences.