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As the eighth-largest country in the world, the second-largest in Latin America, and the largest Spanish-speaking one, Argentina is one of the South American countries, which gets more and more attractive for tourists. Its climate and geographical diversity trace with different landscapes make up extraordinary places. Extensive locations with endless forests up to the most extensive lakes and most impressive mountains. Also you have a rich edgy culture with tango, beef, gauchos, soccer, Patagonia and the Andes. The classics alone make a formidable wanderlust cocktail!



Austria doesn’t just embody the great European traditions — it’s the essence of Europe itself. Austria’s cities fascinate with their monumental buildings spanning all major epochs from Gothic to Renaissance, from Baroque to Post Modernism. Historic settings for modern events, leisurely shopping tours and wonderful culinary experiences. Let yourself be charmed!


Baltic states

Discover the three dynamic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, their historical towns and sites of UNESCO Heritage List, the vibrant capital cities, the unspoiled nature of the country side as well as the beauty of the sea coast.

The rich history, cultural diversity and local traditions as well as up to high level services with affordable rates makes it an attractive destination even to the most demanding travelers!



One of the world’s most captivating places in the world is Brazil.

From its lush tropical forests filled with wildlife, to its colorful cities that come alive at night, Brazil’s a super bright spot for you to tick off your travel checklist. Take in the Iguazu Falls, laze about on Copacabana’s sands and pay a visit to Christ the Redeemer, on a hop and skip through some of the world’s must-visit cities. All this is only a plane trip away, so what are you waiting for?



Welcome to a land of vineyards, abounding in a myriad of quaint local traditions. Set on the crossroad between Europe and Asia, Bulgaria is a rapidly emerging destination that not only offers a superb and diverse product in terms of holidays, meeting and incentives planners, but also exceptional experience for nature lovers, sports enthusiasts and visitors interested in the cultural setting.

We will take you on a fascinating journey around Bulgaria that will exceed your expectations – an experience so rich that you will wish to go again…
and again.



Whether it’s your first visit or your twentieth, China is so big, so diverse and so fast-changing, it’s always an adventure
There isn’t history at every turn – three decades of perpetual development and socialist town-planning have taken their toll – but travel selectively in China and rich seams of antiquity await exploration. With tumble-down chunks of the Great Wall, mist-wreathed, temple-topped mountains, quaint villages, water towns and sublime Buddhist cave statues, China insists on a few requirements: a well-made pair of travelling shoes and a strong stomach for long-distance wayfaring.

Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are portraits of modern Chinese wherewithal and ambition, but it’s the big outdoors that should top your list.



Attractive tourist destination, countless years of history interweave with myriad ways to discover its beauty. It’s a country of a unique political and cultural history, of world-famous cultural heritage and beauty– it is one of the most attractive places of the Mediterranean where you can make your dreams of sapphire waters come true.


Czech Republic

Thanks to its geographical position, the Czech Republic has been a cultural, commercial and political crossroads throughout the history, which has defined its contemporary appeal to all kinds of tourism. One of Europe’s most popular travel destinations: the capital Prague that transports you back 500 years… Outside the capital, castles and palaces abound which illuminate the stories of powerful dynasties.
All wants to be discovered by you in a tailor-made trip.



Germany is one of the most influential European nations culturally. It is admired by visitors for its old-world charm and “Gemütlichkeit” (coziness). If you have perceptions of Germany as simply homogeneous, it will surprise you with its many historical regions and local diversity – the corrugated, dune-fringed coasts of the north; the moody forests, romantic river valleys and vast vineyards of the center, and the splendor of the Alps in the south.
“Schnitzel”,”Brezel” and “Sauerkraut” is waiting for you!



Greece is much more than we were taught at school and then we have seen in the photos with beautiful sunsets and golden sandy beaches. In Greece, you are in a crossroad of colors and cultures; you feel the strength of History and the warmth of the southern extremity of Europe. Greece is a country of beautiful contradictions, a constant journey in time. Walk through the olive groves, through archaeological sites; move to clusters of islands, go through beaches and mountains and explore the breathtaking scenery. In Greece the succession of images is not just our imagination; it is reality.


Did you know that Italy has the highest number of artistic and documentary UNESCO World Heritage? Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena, Pisa and Naples, are only the most famous cities but the whole land is littered with historical towns of incomparable beauty. Thanks to the immense cultural and artistic heritage, the variety and richness of the landscape, but also to the excellence of Italian design from food and fashion, Italy remains one of the most required for the organization of events and confirms its positioning among the top ten international destinations.



Malta packs glorious variety into its small archipelago. You’ll find prehistoric temples, beautiful towns, fossil-studded cliffs, hidden coves, thrilling scuba diving and a history of remarkable intensity.
Warm and welcoming Maltese people make you feel at home. You can go from swimming in sea to a clifftop prehistoric site, to a harbourside restaurant, all in the space of a few hours that you stay will be more than comfortable!



Mexico is an endless adventure for the senses: is packed full with culture and history.
Its pre-Hispanic civilizations built some of the world’s great archaeological monuments, from Teotihuacán’s towering pyramids to the exquisitely decorated Maya temples.
The landscapes are just as diverse, from the shimmering blue coastline of Baja California and the iconic cactus-strewn deserts of the north, to the Mayan villages and gorgeous palm-smothered beaches of the south. For your next incentive trip chose a climbing tour on volcanoes, watch whales or visit a tequila farm.
The adventure is guaranteed!



Morocco is one of the most diverse countries in Africa.
From Saharan dunes to the peaks of the High Atlas, Morocco could have been tailor-made for travelers.
Often exotic, sometimes overwhelming and always unexpected: you follow a fine tradition of nomads and traders stretching back centuries.
Meeting the Moroccan lifestyle involves nothing more than sitting in a cafe and waiting for your mint tea to brew.
Enjoy yourself and come to Morocco!



There are so many beautiful cities in Poland and each has its own story to tell.
Chic medieval hot spots like Kraków and Gdańsk vie with energetic Warsaw for the travelers’ attention. In contrast: outside the cities, woods, rivers, lakes and hills invite for some fresh-air fun in the inviolately nature and make you spend an unforgettable journey.



Medieval castles, cobblestone villages, captivating cities and golden beaches: Portugal is full of surprises. History, great food and idyllic scenery are just the beginning.
You can travel in a single day from green mountains in the North, covered with vines and all varieties of trees to rocky mountains, with spectacular slopes and falls in the Centre, to a near-desert landscape in the Alentejo region and finally to the glamorous beach holidays destination Algarve.



The world’s largest country offers it all, from historic cities and idyllic countryside to artistic riches, epic train rides and vodka-fueled nightlife. You will discover a completely different cultural heritage connected with a hospitably and warm hearting mentality of the Russian population.
If ancient walled fortresses, glittering palaces and swirly-spired churches are what you’re after, focus on European Russia. Here Moscow and St Petersburg are the must-see destinations, twin repositories of eye-boggling national treasures, political energies and contemporary creativity. Within easy reach of these cities are charming historical towns and villages, such as Veliky Novgorod, Pskov and Suzdal, where the vistas dotted with onion domes and lined with gingerbread cottages measure up to the rural Russia of popular imagination.



The Scandinavian nations share many cultural traits including similar flags and many related languages. The region is known for its natural beauty and more recently its liberalism. Endless fir forests, awe-inspiring fjords and wilderness. It is also a “must-seen” destination when you want to know all about European history. During summer’s brief lease, the days stretch on and every Scandinavian country explodes in a celebration of light, music, culture, Baltic beachcombing, Lakeland fun and some legendary fishing. The winter is cold but cozy in the warm timber houses.



From city breaks to folk festivals, castle tours to snow boarding and hiking you will find Slovakia a spectacular, undiscovered country to visit.
Magnificent range of mountains dotted with villages with deep peasant traditions with a rich history, beautiful greenery, mountain streams and caves. Bratislava is a capital city without the usual tourist congestion. Quaint and jovial with a surprisingly rich cultural life the city welcomes everyone who likes to discover a rising tourist destination.



With great beaches, fun nightlife, many cultural regions and historic cities, Spain makes a great destination for any kind of trip. As a country of large geographic and cultural diversity, Spain is a surprise to those who only know its reputation for great beach holidays. There is everything from lush meadows and snowy mountains to huge marshes and deserts in the south east.
Roman ruins, cathedrals of rare power and incomparable Islamic architecture speaks of a country where the great civilizations of history have always risen, fallen and left behind their indelible mark.
Spain – your next exotic destination.


United Kingdom

In this compact country you’re never far from the next pub, the next restaurant, the next national park or the next impressive castle on your hit list of highlights. England’s most appealing feature is the aura of deep-rooted history that emanates from almost every corner of the land.
Be ready to enjoy nature and history on the landscapes of the United Kingdom as well as in London, one of the biggest Metropolis in Europe!



When it comes to travel, America has a range of possibilities. Not many other countries have so much natural beauty – mountains, beaches, rainforest, deserts, canyons, glaciers – coupled with fascinating cities to explore, an unrivaled music scene and all the things that make travel so rewarding (friendly locals, great restaurants and farmers markets, and plenty of quirky surprises).This is a country of road trips and great open skies, where four million miles of highways lead past red-rock deserts, below towering mountain peaks, and across fertile wheat fields that roll off toward the horizon. Discover the American way of life and enjoy!